RFID Contactless Tickets



Unlike traditional tickets, High-quality RFID contactless tickets don’t need insertion into a machine. Simply TAP & GO. Tickets also work through wallets etc. significantly reducing the transaction time.

Using different types & thickness levels of Paper and plastic media, several IC options includes Mifare Ultralight EV1, Mifare Classic 1k, Mifare Desfire series and others. The position of the RFID chip is equally important which is matched to the specification of printers for reliable reading & encoding.

Supplied with 4c printing in a wide range of die cut profiles, ticket length & width options with customer-specific black eyemark printing.


● Public transportation

● Access control & ID and authentication

● Events or festivals (ski resorts, stadiums, concerts, museums, amusement parks, etc.)

● Cashless payment solutions


● Available in Fan-folded, Roll form and cut singles.

● Wide range of Coated / Thermal paper & plastic stocks

● Different thickness and densities available with wide range of IC options.

● Serial numbering

● Up to 4 colours printing

● Finishing options such as Invisible Ink printing, Watermarks, Punch cutting etc.

● Data encoding & UID printing