UHF Cattle Ear Tag
UHF Cattle Ear Tag

UHF Cattle Ear Tag

Animal ear tags are mainly used in the tracking and identification management of animal husbandry. Non-toxic, no odor, no stimulation, no pollution materials for its packaging materials. When installing, use special animal ear tag tweezers to attach the label to the animal's ear, and it can be used normally.


* Antenna Material: PET+AL

* Outer Material: TPU (can store for 20 years; oil resistance, water proof, good for recycling)

* Dimentions of Ear tag: 80*70mm

* Dimensions of Ear ring: 20*20mm

* Dimention of Antenna: 23*57mm

* Features: Oil resistance, waterproof, good for recycling

* Protocol Standard: EPC Class 1 Gen2 18000-6C

* Frequency: 860-960MHz

* EPC Memory: Up to 128bit

* User Memory: Up to 512 bit

* Data Retention: 10 Years

* General Characteristics of Inlay: Operation Temperature: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃

* Chips for choice: ALIEN Higgs3/ALIEN Higgs4

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