Rfid Tag for Garment
Rfid Tag for Garment

Rfid Tag for Garment Tag

The management of brand stores

1. Sales statistics: According to the daily sales statistics, sales department could assort and restock in time.

2. Counter sales automation: Have the function of complete sales, returns, counter stock, inventory, receivables and other sales automation operations.

3. Short in size sales analysis :Reduce the possibility of short in size, remind to restock in time.

4. Counter allocation: Reduce the quantity of unsalable product.

5. Returns control: According to the returns statistics, you could find out the quality problems of product and accountability department, responsible units and persons.

6. Counter inventory and checking: Not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid the mistake of inventory checking. Furthermore, could get the inventory result rapidly.

7. Account checking: Collect daily sales records, make the account checking of each mall automatically, and be clear at a glance.

8. Hot sale product dynamic statistics: Analyze the product preference of customers, make a real-time tracking and achieve better sales.


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