PPS Laundry Tag
PPS Laundry Tag

PPS Laundry Tag

* Chip: TK4100/EM4200/EM4305/T5577/ICODE SLIX/Ultrglight EV1/MIFARE Classic 1K / MIFARE Classic 4K/NTAG213/Desfire 2K EV1/Desfire 4K EV1/Desfire 8K EV1/Alien H3
* Material: PPS
* Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz
* Size: Custom size and shape is also available
* Printing: Silkscreen printing/Laser engraving

Product introduction:

1. Laundry management of hotels and laundry industries.

1) Collecting

Laundry can be collected quickly; improve the efficiency of the service; make the data more accurate.

2) Taking items--hotel

Full automatic warehouse management and search items function greatly improves working efficiency and safety.

3) Stocktaking

Full automatic stocktaking function can quickly finding clothes and improve the efficiency of service and quality.
4) Handing over --transit center

Full automatic handover job improves working efficiency and make the data more accurate.

5) Handing over-- washing factory

Both parties can sure if the delivered goods are same as the goods on the list, while checking the scanning information after scanning the hand over goods.

6) Items inquiries and extract statistics

It can provide detailed data, print data queries, and dump to EXECL for staffs and managers.

7) Customer management

Scientific and efficient management of customer.

2. Laundry management of hospitals.
1) Do not have to check in person.

2) Check the life cycle, washing times and ways of clothes.

3) Real-time view of clothing information, remote control in types of data.

4) Prevent cross infection.