KD802 2.4G Integrated Reader-Writer
KD802 2.4G Integrated Reader-Writer

KD802 2.4G Integrated Reader-Writer

1. KD802 2.4G, integrated reader-writer, has the characteristics such as wide coverage of identification, long reading distance, fast reading speed, high recognition rate, stable reliability, multiple expandability, etc.

2. Built-in circuit to adjust and control the reading distance and to test the signal strength of RSSI tag. The reading distance within the range of 0 to 200 meters could be managed by the software

3. Application: obstacles in the communication, reading distance more than 10 meters, eg. Open channel management, industrial signal collection, personnel positioning, attendance management, goods management and monitoring, manufacturing management, transportation management, etc.

Product function

* Working Frequency: ISM(2.4-2.48GHz ).

* The built-in software adjusts the digital attenuator, as well as the reading distance.

* Integrated circuit for detecting the signal strength of RSSI tag, for real-time monitoring the

distance between the tag and reader.

* Available software adjusts the upper limit and lower limit of RSSI signal strength

* Good convenience to implement installation with the help of integrated reader and antenna,

built-in 8dbi vertical linear polarization antenna.

* Support RS-232 port, 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface.

* Offer the input control of isolated two-way photoelectric, and the output control of two-way

electric signal

* Users get convenient and rapid integration and application with the help of API development kit

and C++, C# application routines.

Mechanical and electrical performance


Power converter with 220V AC input

DC 5V/2A output

Power consumption

Standby 200mw

working 400mw

Working temperature-40°C~+60°C
Storage temperature-60°C~+80°C
Working Humidity5% ~ 95%(no condensation)
waterproofing gradeIEC IP65
Seismic resistance10~500Hz, 100mm/15g, triaxial
Installation WayHanging wall or holding rod, holding rod φ50~φ70

RF Parameter

Working FrequencyISM Frequency 2.4-2.48GHz
Output PowerMax output +15dBm, built-in 32db power attenuator,Reducing step at -2db, software control
Receiving sensitivity-93dBm
The tag Received Signal Strength Indicator(RSSI)-50dBm- -80 dBm, precision ±1dB
AntennaIntegrated vertical linear polarization antenna with 8dbi gain, strength ratio(front/back)≥ 18db,half-power angle(°): Hor:65±5 Ver:65±5,voltage standing wave ratio:≤1.5

Communication Interface

Communication interfaceRS-232 interface, 10/100M self-adaption ethernet
Communication extension interfaceRS-485 interface, wiggins 26/34 interface(need to be customized)
GPIO Interfaceinput of isolated two-way photoelectric (5V,<20mA); output of two-way relay control (30V,<1000mA), need customized
Firmware updateThrough a special upgrade software, support online upgrade of serial port
Application software interfaceOffer API development kit and C++, C# application routines

Tag Operation

Tag ProtocolEnterprise private agreement, could be customized according to the customers’ agreement
Tag reading distance0~120 meters(the actual reading distance is related to the type of antenna, the environment, type of label)
Qty of Identified tag200 pcs/s(Ethernet connection test)
Anti-collision ability500pcs tags