KD508 OTG Reader
KD508 OTG Reader

KD508 OTG Reader

* It is a plug and play device that can be directly inserted into the phone by Micro USB communication

* Support Android phones

* Support the protocol ISO14443A, ISO15693, chips available to be read/wrote, MIFARE Classic 1K, MIFARE Classic 4K, Ultralight card, etc.

* Offer the Android SDK, convenient for secondary development.

* No built-in battery, good stability and reliability for card using

Remark: Reader is only available for Android phones with OTG function

Tech Specs

* Supported Protocols: ISO14443 / ISO15693

* The types of phone support: Android phones with OTG function

* Secondary development language: Linux Jave, Linux QT, Delphi, VC6.0, C#, VB

* Reading distance: 0-50MM

* Reading time: <100MS

* Reading Speed: 0.2S

* Reading interval: 0.5S

* Size: 35mm(L)×35mm(W)×8mm(H)

* Weight: 20.0G

* Operating Temperature: Temperature(-20℃~85℃) / Humidity(5%~95%)

* Operating voltage: DC3.3V – DC4.5V

* Operating current: 20-50mA

* Status indicator: 2 colors LED(Red -Power supply LED,Green-status indicator light)