ABS UHF Anti Metal Tag
ABS UHF Anti Metal Tag

ABS UHF Anti Metal Tag


* It has good radio-frequency performance when it is installed on the surface of metal or the surface of non-metal;

* 100% test for the writing in memory;

* Reliable test for material and design

Main Features

* It could have printed paper label on the surface of anti-metal tag;
* Laser printing number could be available;
* Convenient method of installing;
* Weak-acid resistant, weak-alkali resistant, waterproof;
* Storage shelf and vehicles management
* Metal container in man-sized and middle-sized;
* Power boxes and power facilities management;
* Outdoor or indoor metal office facilities management


* Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C

* Work Frequency: 902-928Mhz(the frequency could be customized)

* Chip Type: Alien H3

* Memory: EPC 96 bits, user memory 512 bits

* Function of R/W: Read/Write (Rewriteable)

* Data Storage: 50 years

* Quality Guarantee: 1 year

* Main Material: ABS

* Size: 79mm*31mm*10mm

* Woking Temperature: -25°~ 70°

* Storage Temperature: -40°~ 70°

* Storage Relative Humidity: 5%~95%

* Installation: Screw, Rivet, Strong Glue, Zip Ties;

* Package: Carton

* Surface Color: Could be customized if the quantity is more than 5000pcs

* Drop test: 200 times drop with 1 meter height

* Alcohol test: Pass the test with the alcohol at 95% concentration

* Gasoline test: Pass the test with #92 gasoline

* Low and high temperature test: -40°~70°, 7 times Alternating cycles of high and low


* IP: IP67

* Fixed reader(On metal): More than 9 meters (depends on the readers and environment)

* Fixed reader (for metal): More than 5 meters (depends on the readers and environment)

* Handheld reader (for non-metal): More than 3 meters (depends on the readers and