2.4G Active RFID Smart Tag
2.4G Active RFID Smart Tag

2.4G Active RFID Smart Tag

1. 4Bytes Unique ID number

2. Good stability and reliability from excellent performance of 2.4G solution

3. Has more than 100 meters Read-Write distance when it work together with KD801 Reader in the open field.

4. long service life, Built-in batteries with high performance, automatic launching function with Ultra-low power.

5. Protocol ISO14443 and ISO15693 for built-in chips are optional to realize one-card-pass system

Tech Specification

* Working frequency:ISM frequency range, 2.4-2.48GHz

* Signal modulation mode:GFSK/FSK

* The highest transmitted power: 7dBm

* The highest communication rate: 1Mbps

* Tag ID number: 4 bytes Unique Number

* Protocol for optional chips: ISO14443A or ISO15693

* Working mode: ID number timed sending pattern

* Interval of ID number transmitting: standard 500ms/time(can be customized at 100ms-60s according to customers’ demand)

* Battery Life: 3years(The battery life depends on the tag transmit power and interval of transmitting)

* Reading distance: 0-120m (can be tested in an open environment)

* Size: 85mm * 55mm * 5mm

* Weight: 25g

* Housing material: ABS+PC plastic housing;

* Working temperature: -20°C~+50°C

* Storage temperature: -30°C~+60°C

* Working Humidity: 5% ~95%