13.56MHz RFID Library Tag
13.56MHz RFID Library Tag

13.56MHz RFID Library Tag

1. Borrow and return books by reader themselves

Enhance the flow rate and simplify the lending procedure of library with the limited human resource. And then improve the service quality of the stuff and library.

2. Rapid inventory

The characteristic of multi-tag reading makes the inventory to be fast, accurate and efficient. With the RFID technology, the inventory could be much more easier for the stuff and save a lot of human and material resources.

3. Security Access Control System

RFID is a kind of anti-theft technology, the implementation of library management system, could not only improve the overall efficiency of library but also achieve the function of anti-theft. Combining the library cards with work cards, you could know the in and out statistical data of people, and then provide an accurate data for the improvement of the working mechanism.