RFID Tag for garment
Provides for an easy and cost effective solution for high volume apparel tagging needs. A UHF inlay is sandwiched between two layers of paperboard and comes with a hole punch on the top side of the tag.
RFID Warehouse & Logistics Management Tag
The labels, with a wide range of non-metallic objects including plastic or cardboard cases & glass surfaces, connect the shipments to the IT infrastructure and provide an ideal solution for tracking & tracing goods from suppliers to end customers.
RFID Contactless Tickets
Unlike traditional tickets, High-quality RFID contactless tickets don’t need insertion into a machine. Simply TAP & GO. Tickets also work through wallets etc. significantly reducing the transaction time.
RFID Tag for Library
1. General purpose Paper label with ICODE SLI X
50 x 50mm with ICODE SLI X Paper label, featuring a finely tuned antenna design to provide high resonance frequency, achieving up to 96 centimeters of read range.
Washable Laundry Tags
Large companies often manage thousands of employee uniforms. With an RFID laundry management system, operations can track which uniforms were assigned to specific employees, the age of uniforms, the number of times washed, and identify missing uniforms. RFID laundry tags provide a new level of visibility for laundry management.
RFID Wristband/Card for access control
These RFID products (RFID Cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID Keyfobs) can aslo be used or cashless payments, and they present obvious advantages for people who organize and manage events or activities and people can’t make a bogus copy of a tag that has your identity tied to it, that make life more smarter and more efficient future. Available chips could be LF, HF UHF. 
RFID Tag for medical or cosmetics industry
Application system runs more efficiently with a fragile rfid tag. Tamperproof is quite important to avoid copy issues. And the tag must has an unique identification (TID UID EPC) in the world from their production line, along with a good reading performance matched with RF requirement. Available chips Ntag 213, Icode slix, untralight, Mifare Classic 1K, Ultralight EV1, H3, M4QT, M4E, M5, R6-P and so on.
RFID Windshield Tag
Reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) for Parking & Tolling applications
Non-transferrable UHF Windshield labels, specially designed for quick and reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) offering an ideal solution for Parking & Tolling applications.